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May 08 2013

Vietnam Lady in Ao dai

Vietnam travel tips

International flights to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

You want to go on a trip to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and you're looking for a decent airline, however the choice between many airlines can be a real headache! Some tips to choose well among airlines!

To start and find schedules and fares, the Internet is a very good way. Sites exist and they are many. The www.voyages-sncf.com website is highly acclaimed in France to find flights example. This will give you an initial idea of ​​prices and options. You can also go to the websites of each company to study promotions but are rarely found price differences. If you can, be a little flexible on dates that can be sometimes very advantageous to leave or go mid week instead of a weekend. This is also the first thing to do, determine your travel period, duration and your flexibility if you have any. This information will help to mediate faster your choice!

Fisrtsly, you have to get your Vietnam Visa before going embarquement

Direct flight or stopover?

Two airlines offer such direct flights between France and Vietnam: Vietnam Airlines and Air France, both members of the SkyTeam alliance, so there are flights shares (that is to say, flight Air France but Vietnam Airlines plane and vice versa, in general it is specified). Other stops offer: as Qatar Airlines with a stopover in Doha, Cathay Pacific with a stopover in Hong Kong, Thai Airways with stopover in Bangkok ... and there are probably many more! To go to Cambodia or Laos you can also stop in Hanoi for example in the case of Vietnam Airlines.

In the case of a direct flight you will arrive directly from Paris to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City in about 12 hours of flight. The advantage of a direct flight, even if the price can sometimes be a little higher, is limiting the flight time and minimum expectations (sometimes longer!) In a transit airport. This prevents connections and possible problems or delays do not miss the match!

This is often the cheapest rate that you will choose a direct flight. The airline you choose will pass through the local airport which leave its other devices towards particular to Hanoi or HCM City. In this case the flight time is longer. And if there are delays or misses, the company will do anything to get you to your final destination.

If you have limited in Vietnam for your vacation time prefer a direct flight!

Which airline to choose?

Again, the price is likely to guide your choice! For those who allow a slightly higher price of a ticket does not hesitate to look at the performance of companies. It must nevertheless admit that the services in general are highly standardized in all classes of aircraft.

The Gulf airlines are nevertheless known for comfort. Thai Airways is also highly rated, especially with a new plane from Paris (replacing an old Boeing 747). Singapore Airline operates daily A380 flight from Paris, all new aircraft and great service on board! But remember, for these companies, the travel time will be longer as mandatory stop. As for Air France and Vietnam Airlines flights are direct and services are equivalent to each other ... Both companies offer a little more comfortable than traditional classes Eco Eco Premium. However, do not expect something really different in terms of price. It may be noted that aircraft cabins Air France Vietnam are normally all renovated while Vietnam Airlines aircraft could review their design.

Flight schedules are also a selection criterion. You might prefer to travel by day or night. The advantage of a flight day is that we do not feel the discomfort of a bad night in a plane! When choosing a night flight and if you want to sleep, choose the flights that depart later to be sure you fall asleep after dinner. If you go to 16h, you will not sleep before midnight is half the flight!

See more here Vietnam’s climate

The small stuff and more!

When you do your research, the type of device may be mentioned, there is often a Boeing or Airbus (the mark of the aircraft, one company may have both Boeing and Airbus).

Boeing are generally noisier than Airbus aircraft and it can be felt over such long distances (earplugs are provided in all planes to reduce noise).

Concerning equipment companies there is a site on the internet that compares the devices of all companies: http://www.seatguru.com/. ; On this site find your device and determine what are the best seats in the airplane. This site is in English and unfortunately Vietnam Airlines is not yet referenced.

The choice of place in a plane can sometimes make a reservation if you make during the registration at the departure airport. Do not worry, all the seats are generally good and there are some differences, but some tips can be useful if you have a choice:

- The parking exits are often interesting for tall people because there is more space for the legs. They are often made quickly and some companies offer you the book for about 50 euros extra. BUT places exits also have disadvantages: in general the armrest of the seat is larger and does not get up so that the seat seems less wide, you are a little tighter. Moreover, during the flight people like to move and go where there is a place that is to say, the output ... so it can get crowded around you and it can be annoying. On long haul flights there is usually enough space between seats in economy class, do not resign if you do not have an emergency exit.

- You can generally choose side aisle or window. But when you're in the last recording there is less choice and many places in between. The window allows you to look at the scenery but be aware that you will not see much because the flight altitude is high (10-12 km) and it reduces your freedom of movement during the flight. The hallway provides the advantage that you can move when you want without having to disturb their neighbors. If the company offers, register online in advance (about 24 hours before the flight) and choose your seat on the plane.

- Do you find yourself near the toilet because you will suffer some disadvantages ... and near places or crews preparing meals.

- In a 747 (with floor) try to get a spot on the floor (if it is an economic class). You will be quieter.

Advice: for the choice of seats, arrive early at the airport to check in!


The geography and climate of Vietnam

The geography and climate of Vietnam

Vietnam raises, its geographical configuration, many picturesque comparisons. Sometimes it is a big "S" that hold the small school looking to memorize things by symbols. Sometimes it is seen, due to its strategic position in the heart of Southeast Asia and its place as a crossroads of civilizations and East-West relations, as the balcony of the Pacific. Lovers of fantasy willingly see it as a 1,600 km long dragon head and huge belly shrinks, whose feet walk on the Mekong. For those who are familiar with scenes of daily life of Vietnamese peasants, this country is like a yoke carrying two baskets of rice: the Red River Delta (15,000 km2) on one side and the Mekong Delta (45,000 km2) of other, both dotted with rice fields and inhabited largely by ethnic majority (the Viet or Kinh).

More about cruise in Halong bay http://www.junkcatba.com/

The equivalent of the word "country" in Vietnamese is "Dat nuoc" (Dat: earth, nuoc: water). These are both essential to the economy and civilization of a people whose way of life is formed and governed by planting rice in flooded fields. It is not by chance called Vietnam the country of water and legends.

Another term for "country" is "non song" (literally mountain and river). We find that ubiquitous element of water, which is essential to rice crops. The word also evokes the hills and mountains, concentrated in the north and center, covering three-quarters of an area covering some 330,000 km2 and turning China Sea on nearly 3,300 km of coastline. Vietnam borders with China in the north (1 650km), Laos to the west (1150 km) and Cambodia to the south-west (950 km), borders are now peaceful.

According to a popular legend, the Vietnamese were all descendants of `common parents: the valereux Lac Long Quan, Dragon Swamp, immortal and beautiful Au Co, the bird of the mountains. They percent son going by half in and half the mountain to the plains. The French geographer Yves Lacoste sees this legend, marked by geography and often referred to by the Vietnamese to justify the need for solidarity and unity, reflecting the formation of the Vietnamese people, the population, first installed foothills, was coming to conquer the Red River delta late, when became large enough to build levees along the rivers and coasts.

The fight against the devastating floods, which are repeated year after year in the Red River basin in the typhoon season (July to October), is told by another legend, that of the eternal conflict between the Genie of the Mountains and Engineering water about a beautiful princess, the conflict from which the victory always belongs to those who wait knows: the Genius of the Mountain.

Climate in Vietnam

The heat and humidity are the two major characteristics of the Vietnamese climate. To talk about the scorching summer heat, Vietnamese uses the terms: heat burning kidneys, skin burning sun, heat to burst the sky, or heat roast. On average, there are monthly 200 hours of sunshine in the summer and 130 hours in winter. Rain on it is very abundant. Indeed it rains an average of 100 days per year. This hot and humid tropical climate explains the lush vegetation throughout the year. Nature and life rhythm also with the monsoons (seasonal winds). check here to get vietnam visa on arrival The monsoon regime determines the south - from Danang-two very distinct seasons: the dry season (September to April) during which there is no rain and almost the rainy season during which rain is expected for all day (May to September). A good army general must constantly keep in mind this characteristic: guerrilla exploits the rainy season while the pitched battle still awaits the dry season.

To travel as there are good and bad periods. In the North, the best time is the month of November and the end of April or early May, during which the temperature varies between 15 and 25 degrees. The worst period is the month of July and early August, when summer is in full swing with temperatures can climb to 40 degrees in the shade. In the center, the best time is between February and May, while the recommended period is the month of September, when typhoons may form and abattrent on the coast. In the South, there is no bad time, but the dry season is better than the rainy season.

March 08 2013


Going through the Wonderful Nation Associated with Vietnam

Vietnam is definitely an amazing nation located in the actual Southeast Asian countries along with Tiongkok upon the to the north as well as Cambodia upon the to the west. It really is formally denoted since the Socialist Republic associated with Vietnam. Hanoi will be the money associated with Vietnam as well as graciously embraces the actual People in america as numerous this kind of younger Japanese dream to the actual tradition associated with The united states.

This is a 1 celebration rigorous condition that appoints the top Minister since the Mind from the Federal government as well as Leader since the Mind from the Sate. Going to Vietnam throughout “Tet”, that is the brand new Yr special event generally there, has its own good as well as unfavorable factors. The actual settings associated with transportation as well as resorts tend to be loaded way up and another may get the opportunity associated with eating as well as buying in an exceedingly restricted way.

Vietnam is actually fortunate along with among the planets very best repas, exceptional social curiosity, powerful urban centers, exceptional countrywide leisure areas, emerald-green hills and also ravishing coast. This particular martial art quickly region went spots to get going to Vietnam travel Minhanh Voyage .

People connected with Vietnam usually are robust naturally, distinct inside business, instant and also full of energy. America is most effective to get getting extravagant fascinating is exploring a whole lot together with making friends and also joking around together with the natives served with a glass or two.

The very best traveler areas inside Vietnam would be the Hoi A great, the industry traditional outdated dock composed of connected with pagodas, regal tombs connected with Color. One will discover stately museums within the Ho Chi Minh Metropolis and also lovely arrivée inside Hanoi.

The particular Halong These types of is often a vivid pink marine having limestone island destinations, Cao Hammer is surely an away from the coast having karst hills, Minus Dao island destinations include the particular Coral formations reefs and also Mekong Delta has its own terrific caverns and also countrywide leisure areas specifically Woman Ton.

Take a trip inside Vietnam having Minhanh Journey focuses on walking and also off of defeated trails expedition. America has its own reference point items having variety has a bearing on. Within the Cham wats or temples one will discover the particular effect in the Indio and also To the south Native indian traditions and also a hot and spicy food flavoured having coconut.

Minhanh Take a trip inside Vietnam features stable these effectively by providing top quality expert services on their shoppers and also travelers without the unjust training.

Nha Trang is often a wonderful these types of which usually contains a good large seaside composed of connected with really clear h2o, great plunging, good discos and also delicious repas. Additionally h2o having is usually common on this location and is also seriously accomplished below.

Minhanh Journey to get Vietnam take a trip programs incorporate to get leading the particular travelers having proper care and also accountability. They already have everything about the spots connected with Vietnam by causing the appropriate bookings as well as related to together with the travels and also trips for everyone Vietnam. Supplying having terrific knowledge and also number of years exploring one can possibly exploration each web-site having familiar.

The particular Vietnam take a trip web page gives having great as well as provides important facts and also one of a kind capabilities for any several spots connected with go to for any travelers.

Minh Anh Journey Vietnam service to get travels and also take a trip contains skilled employees in which obtain complete information about a handful of neighborhoods and also urban centers connected with Vietnam and are generally perfected together with the exploring root base and also methods to get tourist.
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